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Short video clip in Gujarati

My name is Dinesh. I live in Wales and I speak English, Welsh, Gujerati, Hindi and Swahili.

Longer video clip (in Welsh) talking about his linguistic background

I was born in Kenya, from an Indian background. Living in Kenya, I spoke Gujerati at home. And English at school, then other languages like Gujerati, Hindi, Swahili on the street with other children. Then I went to India to learn to write Hindi. And I arrived in England in 1973. After leaving college there I came to Caernarfon, because of work. I work with the council, and everyone in Caernarfon speaks Welsh. I picked up a little bit of Welsh on the street first of all, then I went to college to learn a bit more. And I met a Welsh girl, married her, and had two children, and everyone in our house speaks Welsh, all the time.

People living in Caernarfon, they speak Welsh – Cofi Welsh. And I’ve picked up a lot of Cofi Welsh in Caernarfon, going to the pub with my friends, playing cricket together, speaking Welsh with everybody. And I’ve settled in well, with all the community.


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