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Ensuring we always express ourselves consistently and distinctively is key to building a strong identity that reflects the high quality and creativity of our business. Please follow our guidelines when reproducing People's Collection Wales Brand on your website or printed materials.

Using Our Logo

Please contact us if you have not obtained permission to use our logos and templates.

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Websites .GIF
Print Posters & Flyers Template for A4 Poster/Flyer

Please note that the brand-logo is bilingual with the text and colour strip set proportionally so that the relationship is always maintained. Please refer to our Style Guidelines for full details on how our brand may be used.

Marketing Pack

Below are pages from our Marketing Pack (hard copy available on request).

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The DNA of Wales and its people

Creating the DNA banding we wanted an iconography that could stand alone and be easily recognised and associated with the People, History, Culture and Landscape of Wales without the need to use any words at all, quite literally, to represent the DNA of Wales and its people.