Whispers from WW1: Harry White's postcards

This small, but valuable collection of postcards sent by her great uncle during the First World War was among the items shared recently by Lucy Tedd on the People’s Collection Wales website. Henry Thompson White (or Harry, as he was known) was killed in an attack on High Wood on the Somme in 1916. Through these postcards – and the letters he wrote to his sisters, Lillie and Lucy, in Carmarthen – the family has been able to learn more about this young man whose life was cut short, like thousands of others from his generation.

Photoscoot: a 'then and now' photography project for wheelchair and disability scooter users

In this latest blog, our guest blogger, Deanna Groome talks about their family’s Photoscoot Project which was inspired by a copy of the Borough Guide for Machynlleth, published originally in 1911, and describes how she and her mother, Audrey, decided to undertake their most recent local history project in the popular seaside town of Aberystwyth during the Spring 2020 lockdown.

Wales’ Industrial Heritage – W. E. Bowen’s Photographic Collection

In August 1981 the British Aluminium Factory at Glynneath rolled out its last week of production and another chapter in Wales’ industrial heritage was closed. We are fortunate to be able to publish the late W. E. Bowen’s collection which documents this last week at Rheola Works. In this blog, his son, Roy Bowen, shares his thoughts on his father’s work and the importance of celebrating the contribution made by the workforce in his community.

Behind the Mask

A new normal has formed during COVID-19 lockdown and wearing a mask is something that we are going to need to get used to, especially as restrictions are eased. This blog looks at different kinds of masks worn over the centuries, and their significance in various cultures.

Welsh-Italian Heritage

Stories from families who came to Wales from different regions of Italy, passed down from one generation to the next – stories shared with affection and a proud heart

Enriching our Collections – The Martin Ridley Collection

National Library of Wales staff share their knowledge and views of Martin Ridley’s photographic collection. The recently uploaded images capture life in Wales in 1905, as seen through the eyes of a commercial photographer from Bournemouth.

Working with the Federation of Museums and Art Galleries of Wales

We've been working with the Federation of Museums and Art Galleries of Wales on an exciting new initiative to ensure that new items from museum collections across the country are shared with the public.

Looking down the lens: Ceinws Archives

In November, we began to digitize, preserve and publish over a thousand images relating to Corris and the immediate area. This collection, taken over a period of 15 years, records different aspects of the area's history.

Life at Sea

Wales’ territorial sea stretches 12 nautical miles from the coastline and is extremely rich wildlife. But these seas – which are almost double the size of Wales – are also rich in their history and legends.

Cofiwch Dryweryn – One hundred and counting!

From Garn Fadryn on the Llŷn Peninsula to Bridgend, and from Crwbin to Wrexham, Cwmorthin and Grangetown, there are now over a hundred different ‘Cofiwch Dryweryn’ murals to be seen up on the People’s Collection Wales website.