Europeana Migration Collection Days 6th-7th July

Event Date: 6th – 7th July

Time: 10:00-17:00

Location: Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff 

In partnership with People’s Collection Wales and Tiger Bay Tales, along with migration museums across Europe, Europeana is inviting people young and old to be part of its project to build an online collection dedicated to migration.

We all have objects that help tell the story of where we’ve come from and what has shaped our lives. For many of us, that involves stories of migration and immigration. Perhaps your family moved to another country to live or migrated from one village to another within Wales. We want to preserve these accounts to help paint a bigger picture of not only Welsh but also European migration movements and enriching our Cultural Heritage.

Take part by bringing one or more object - letters, photographs, artwork, diaries, postcards, keepsakes - that are part of your migration story to the Wales Millennium Centre from the 6th – 7th of July. On the day the People’s Collection Wales and Tiger Bay Tales team will listen to your story, ask a few questions about yourself and photograph or scan your objects before you take them back home.

Soon after the event, your stories will be uploaded onto the People’s Collection Wales website where it will be available for everyone to read alongside other people’s stories from this event. Your story will also be a part of the online Europeana Migration Collection, where people will be able to freely discover them for education, research, inspiration and pleasure.

Share your migration story and be part of the European Year of Cultural Heritage!

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