Looking for trouble with a capital T

1. The End

To begin at the end, when we re-built People’s Collection Wales website in February 2014, we overhauled every aspect of it. It included a new user-focused content management system (CMS)*, a visual refresh and a suite of new technical swirly bits.

     *CMS is simply the interface and tools you see and use between log-in and publish

At the time, we put a lot of emphasis on functionality; and rightly so. But moving forward, now that the website is a good platform for saving photographs, stories and keeping memories alive, we want to make it better!


2. The Beginning

So, if that was the end, then the beginning must mean fine-tuning, and in a way that brings minor improvements that deliver a big impact. Ultimately, to give you a better User Experience (UX)*.

     *UX is the quality of experience you have when trying to achieve simple tasks. 
             A website that has excellent UX is useful, clear and friendly to humans


3. The Now (it’s all about you)

In 2014 we consulted with a variety of specialist teams from archives, libraries and museums, which was fantastic for us…but what about you?

We realize that we need to make our processes simpler with easier steps that let you log-in and publish new pages without having to refer to an encyclopedia-size handbook! When you visit the website, you are either there to do a quick search-and-find or to publish-and-save.

We really do want to know what you think, find difficult, confusing or (yes, I really am Looking for trouble with a capital T) simply annoying!


4. What’s Next?

Me: as we work towards simpler designs and processes, I plan on keeping you up to date through future blogs in the hope that along the way you will let us know what you think.

You: please feel free to leave comments below on this or any future blog, to share experiences you’d like us to think about or improve. For long or multiple ideas, it’s probably better to use the contact form.

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