PCW Champion

Individuals who demonstrate enthusiasm and give others in their community support, are in our view Champions!

In communities across Wales, we have been giving support and resources to individuals who are now passing skills on to others—becoming ambassadors for our work.

To become one of our champions, you will need to:

  • attend a digital training day arranged by us
  • be able to give freely some time for promoting the benefits of using our website
  • perhaps volunteer at a Digital Heritage Station
  • or help individuals or groups that are interested in digital heritage

For more details, see Frequently Asked Questions or if you'd prefer to have a chat, get in touch.

People’s Collection Wales Team

Tel. 01970 632 500 | or email

Individuals who have achieved PCW Champion status

We are sincerely grateful to the individuals noted here as People's Collection Wales Champions, for giving their time and support to others and for work on their own specialist collections