How to publish collections, stories & trails

STEP 1 Upload or add to Favourites

To make a new Collection, Story or Trail you will need to use items that are already published. Reuse either your own Published Items or choose from your Favourites. Below I'm selecting three from My Favourites to make a story.

example advanced items

STEP 2 Choose add to or create new

With the selected items, you can now make a brand new webpage (or add to one you created earlier). Simply select an existing story from the drop-down menu and click 'Add to Story' or type a title in the box above 'Create' and click.

example confirmation message

STEP 3 Add information and publish

Collections & Stories are similar to publishing an item, you must now add basic details such as a description, categories and tags—note you cannot add a 'where' marker to collection and stories. But I recommend at this point just having a go!

Trails are a bit trickier. Adding basic information is much the same as a collection but you will need to draw a trail on the map. Below is a video (2 mins), which runs quickly through steps 1-3 and shows how to draw a Trail and publish.