How to publish collections, stories or trails

STEP 1 ā˜… Collect Items

To make a new Collection, Story or Trail you will need to use items that are already published. Select your own Published Items or choose or ā˜… Collected items that have been published by other users, that will help tell your story.

example advanced items

STEP 2 Choose 'add to' or 'create new'

With the selected items, you can now choose a page type and make a new webpage (or add to one you created earlier). Simply Simply type a new title and click 'Create'.

example confirmation message

STEP 3 Add story/collection details

Add basic details such as a description, categories and tags and you're done!

Trails are a bit trickier. Adding basic information is much the same as a collection but you will need to draw a trail on the map. Below is a video (2 mins), which runs quickly through steps 1-3 and shows how to draw a Trail and publish.