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Witness depositions

Clark went into the Beer house & I followed him We drank 4 or 5 pints of Beer there. I saw Morgan in the house before we went out Morgan said it was near 9 o'Clock & that it was time for me to go home. I and Clark then went to the door & cros d over to the other side of the Street. I saw Clark talk to a man on the other side of the road directly that we got out of the beer house house. I do not know that Man it was a very dark night. I believe it to be the same man as we had seen before. I heard Clark & the man talk together at the beer house door outside. They were talking about the Chartists and something that had taken place the night before. I heard him say Could not the mob of 10.000 beat off the Military Soldiers from the tops of the Houses with Bricks, Clark said if Soldiers were called on they would do their duty. He asked if the soldiers would fire on the Chartists if there was a row in the Town. Clark said they would do their duty which would be to fire on them. I heard Clark say good night friend I will see you again tomorrow. I am not sure that the person I saw at the beer house was the person I had before seen. From his voice his welsh voice I should think it was the same person His voice was similar to the one I had heard before.

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