Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) History in Wales


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Wales is a multicultural nation, with migration into Wales strongly linked to our industrial past. Up to the present day, people have come to Wales to work, to study, to seek asylum and to live. We all contribute to the culture and history of Wales. In this Collection we aim to bring together the stories of ethnic minority people and communities in Wales.

This resource is based on content currently published on People's Collection Wales. There is currently more content about African and Caribbean people and communities than other ethnic minority groups, and this is reflected in this resource. We are working to engage with organisations, communities and individuals to create a broader and more diverse representation of the people of Wales. This resource will grow as more content becomes available.

Can you help? If you have content that will help tell the stories of ethnic minority individuals and communities in Wales (past and present) please add it to the People's Collection Wales. For help with uploading your content, see our How To Guides. If you know of published content that would enrich this resource, please leave a comment below or Contact us to help us to continue to expand this resource.


Foundation Phase

Personal and social development, well-being and cultural diversity, Knowledge and understanding of the world

(Most content here is suitable for Foundation Phase but teachers should review content before sharing it with learners. Some content, such as audio and video content relating to the 1919 race riots, may not be suitable.)

Key Stage 2, 3 & 4

History, Education for sustainable development and global citizenship, Religeous education

Curriculum for Wales 2022




We have collected these items together so that you can quickly and easily use them as resources to create activities for your class. Find content from many different PCW contributors in the Quick Links below and by viewing these PCW contributors and projects:

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SWICA Carnival


Do you know of other content on People's Collection Wales that would enrich this resource?

Perhaps you have published content yourself or seen other new content that we could add. Please leave a comment below or Contact us to let us know, so we can continue to expand this resource. Thankyou!


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