Glamorgan Archives: Tudors and Stuarts


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Find out how people in South Wales lived during the Tudor and Stuart times; what they wore, what they ate, and how they furnished their homes. Learn more about the Tudor and Stuart kings and queens and their links to South Wales.

This resource was created by the Glamorgan Archives using sources including wills and inventories, recipe books, seals, letters and more. The teachers’ notes were written for Progression Step 3, however the resource contains fascinating source material and ideas that could be adapted for Progression Step 4 and 5 learners.


Age: 8-16 / Progression Steps 3, 4 & 5

Humanities, Languages, Literacy and Communication


Learning Activity Pack

This resource provides learning activities for your students. It is one of a series of 6 resources from the Glamorgan archives.

Curriculum for Wales

Age: 8-11 / Progression Step 3
Age: 8-11 / Progression Step 3
Age: 11-14 / Progression Step 4
Age: 11-14 / Progression Step 4
age: 14-16 / Progression Step 5
age: 14-16 / Progression Step 5

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Tuduriaid_Stiwartiaid_Nodiadau_Athro.pdf (Opens in a new window) Tudors_Stuarts_Teacher_Notes.pdf (Opens in a new window) Tuduriaid_Stiwartiaid_Delweddau.pdf (Opens in a new window) Tudors_Stuarts_Images.pdf (Opens in a new window)

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