Hughesovska - Welsh Migration and Industrialisation in Russia


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This resource invites learners to approach the history of Welsh industrialisation from a different perspective. The city of Hughesovka in the former Russian Empire was founded by Welsh and British workers. Using Hughesovska as a case study, the resource aims to enable learners to develop a more nuanced and critical perspective on the history of industrialisation in their country and to critically engage with archival material.

Authors: Clara Defachel and Dr Victoria Donovan, University of St Andrews, Scotland. People’s Collection Wales.

The source material (photographs and other images) within this resource comes from the Hughesovska Research Archive, held at the Glamorgan Archives, and these are reproduced here with their kind permission.


Key Stage 3 & 4



Curriculum for Wales 2022 - Progression Steps 3 & 4



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