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Text data anywhere under this account may be copied for personal research purposes ONLY.

However, I make no representations whatsoever regarding the copyright position of any material, especially photographs and the latter are NOT available for copying in any form without my prior agreement

Should anyone have an ownership interest in the copyright of any material on the site please contact me

See also the separate copyright notice on the Picture Gallery page.


The whole point of this site is to bring together on the internet as much local historic material as I can get hold of.

There are two books that I have so far relied on quite heavily in this respect and I would comment as follows;

History of Pontardawe and District by John Henry Davies, published in 1967 - this book is within copyright.
I can only remotely justify copying  extracts from it because John Henry's g grandfather, David Davies, was my ggg grandfather. It is my belief that he wrote the book out of love for and interest in his district and would be content that his work is now being made freely available to the wider public through the medium of this site.
The local road network diagram on the site's front page is from the above book.

The History of Pontardawe, by John E Morgan (Hirfryn) 1911; and Old Characters of Gellinudd, 1908 by the same author. Both books have been translated by Ivor Griffiths. No copyright problem here and the translator has very kindly agreed to my using material from the translations. I would  like to record my particular gratitude to John Morgan for including the section about my gg grandfather, John Hicks, who was also his grandfather.
There are many named contributors to the site who I am indebted too but  I would particularly like to record my sincere thanks to Roy Davies of Pontardawe who has and continues to find much suitable material for the site.

Please contact me if necessary via the Find Help link at the bottom of the genuki page for Llangiwg

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