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The Wales-PA Project is concerned with capturing and presenting the history of the Welsh in Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania is pivotal to the Welsh immigration to the United States of America. From the founding of the Pennsylvania colonies, through the immigration of the Welsh Quakers and skilled industrial workers, to the modern movement of people across the Atlantic, Pennsylvania has been a focus for Welsh settlers. There is a tremendous amount of Welsh heritage contained in photographs, old diaries, family heirlooms, documents, books, and so on held by the various Welsh Societies in Pennsylvania, and also in documents that were sent back to the "Old Country" and are now held in the National Library of Wales. But these materials are hidden away and are inaccessible to most of the people who have an interest in them, and there is a grave danger that they may be lost. The aim of the Wales-PA Project is to preserve the heritage of the Welsh in Pennsylvania and make it available worldwide. Materials related to the history of the Welsh in Pennsylvania are collected, digitised, and uploaded to the web. This is an ongoing effort, the current results of which can be found here.
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