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Memory Archive is a People's Collection Wales (PCW) initiative, led by the Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Wales. It is a curated account, aimed at facilitating reminiscence work with people living with dementia. The Memory Archive is open and available for everyone to use. For more information, contact Reina van der Wiel.

Collections are divided into relevant themes and decades (within living memory), based on feedback received from healthcare professionals. They are mostly made up of images, but there are also some sound clips as well as 360-degree videos created by Atgofion Melys which are specifically designed for people living with dementia. All images in the Memory Archive can be easily downloaded and printed for use in reminiscence sessions. There is also an ‘Other resources’ page (under Stories) which lists other free resources for the purpose of reminiscence.

Finally, we have created a PCW Memory Archive teaching resource for Foundation Phase and Key Stage 2-4 pupils.

This resource:

- will introduce you to the Memory Archive;

- will introduce you to Alzheimer’s Society’s teaching resources for schools that make it easy to teach and learn about dementia;

- offers two practical reminiscence activities that learners can practice in the classroom or remotely using the Memory Archive: create a Memory Tree or a Memory Timeline.

These activities are, of course, not only for young people. Do check out our series of Memory Tree and Timeline posters (below) free for anyone to use.

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