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‘Memory Archive’ is a People’s Collection Wales initiative, led by the Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Wales. It is a curated account, aimed at facilitating reminiscence work with people living with dementia.

Collections are divided into relevant themes and decades (within living memory), based on feedback received from healthcare professionals. Stories bring together clustered themes (for instance, ‘Inside Welsh Homes’ comprises ‘Kitchens’, ‘Bathrooms’, ‘Living Rooms’ and ‘TV and Radio’) as well as an ‘Other resources’ page which lists other free resources for the purpose of reminiscence.

This work has grown out of an event held in 2017 at the Royal Commission in partnership with Aberystwyth University School of Art. This event explored how archives can be used as a source of material to create activities, stories and artworks to help stimulate reminiscence for people living with dementia. 

As part of the People’s Collection Wales partnership, we will be working closely together with the National Library of Wales and Amgueddfa Cymru-National Museum Wales to develop this work further.

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Collection: 54 items

Memory Archive - School Life

Collection: 48 items

Memory Archive - The Royal Family

Collection: 32 items

Memory Archive - Bicycles

Collection: 120 items

Memory Archive - Work

Collection: 62 items

Memory Archive - Mining

Collection: 52 items

Memory Archive - Animals

Collection: 126 items

Memory Archive - 1960s

Collection: 21 items

Memory Archive - Buses

Collection: 72 items

Memory Archive - Farming

Collection: 54 items

Memory Archive - Railways

Collection: 25 items

Memory Archive - Living Rooms

Collection: 28 items

Memory Archive - Trams

Collection: 25 items

Memory Archive - Bathrooms

Collection: 76 items

Memory Archive - Cars

Collection: 67 items

Memory Archive - Kitchens