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Date joined: 18/06/14


Cowbridge History Society has its origins in the early 1970s. The current Society was formed from the merger of the Cowbridge and District Local History Society and the Cowbridge Record Society in 2013.

Today it has nearly 90 members. Our main objectives are to provide a series of lectures and talks, to conduct research and publish the history of the local area.

In our History Room we hold an extensive archive of photographs and documents, most of which are gradually being uploaded to Peoples Collection Wales.

For more details see the website below.

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Collection: 76 items

Cowbridge people

Collection: 69 items

St Hilary and Beaupre

Collection: 15 items

Cowbridge people - Davis

Collection: 9 items

Cowbridge people - Davies

Collection: 3 items

Cowbridge people - Carswell

Collection: 3 items

Cowbridge people - Burnage

Collection: 4 items

Cowbridge people - Bird

Collection: 2 items

Cowbridge people - Bassett

Collection: 3 items

Cowbridge people - Ballard

Collection: 2 items

Cowbridge people - Arnott

Collection: 4 items

Cowbridge people - Ackland Allen

Collection: 32 items


Collection: 21 items

Trebettyn and Trerhyngyll

Collection: 34 items

Thaw valley in Glamorgan

Collection: 19 items

St Mary Church and Flemingston

Collection: 14 items

St Donats Castle

Collection: 24 items

St Brides Major, Ogmore and Ewenny

Collection: 13 items

St Athan, Castleton and Fonmon

Collection: 58 items


Collection: 20 items

Newton and Penylan

Collection: 22 items

Nash Manor near Cowbridge

Collection: 30 items

Maindy and Welsh St Donats

Collection: 24 items

Llysworney near Cowbridge