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Ross Mather Police Memorabilia of Wales Collection's picture


Retired 30 years operational service police officer with the South Wales Police. Joined the former Glamorgan Constabulary as a Cadet, becoming one of last Constables attested into that force before amalgamation and formation of South Wales Constabulary. On retirement, was the longest serving operational Traffic Police officers (25 years) with South Wales Police. An avid collector of Welsh police memorabilia for several decades. Former Curator / Custodian of South Wales Police Museum, Police Headquarters, Bridgend - (2010 - 2013). Having been closed for a couple of years, totally revamped the museum, sowing the seeds for the force to further develop into a popular visitor experience and not insignificant educational resource.

Registered Police Historic Consultant & Researcher with Wales Screen Commission. Historic Police / Law Enforcement displays. Consultant & adviser to several Museums, BBC, ITV and SKY television companies, publishers and theatrical productions relating to British police history, authentic period uniform and insignia.

Having collected and amassed a large collection of British Police memorabilia, it was an easy decision to make in deciding to place much of my collection online and therefore, into the public domain. The obvious resource was 'The Peoples Collection Wales'. If anyone has any police memorabilia (especially Welsh) which they would like to add to this collection, please get in touch. Much of the collection (not all) is viewable on my website

A recognised authority and specialist relating to Welsh Police history. Appearances on BBC TV Wales - ' Coming Home' series, BBC News, ITV - 'Fishlock's Wales' series Sky - TV 'Murder Casebook' series' and The Gabi Roslin Show. Category Winner in the South Wales Police 2011 Annual Awards.

Able to provide historic Welsh Police memorabilia displays and also talks on the history of policing in south Wales.

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