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‘Wales for Peace’ explores how, in the 100 years since World War One, people in Wales have contributed to the search for peace.  

Explore 100 years of Peace Makers: explore COLLECTIONS on...

Working in Cooperation:  Welsh League of Nations Union 1920s-30s, CND Cymru 1981-present - Heddwch Magazine and Archives Temple of Peace: Architecture, 1937 Foundation of Temple, 1938 Opening of Temple, United Nations Association (UNA) Wales, 1988 National Garden of Peace, 1988 Temple50 Anniversary, Welsh Centre for International Affairs (WCIA) 1980s Newsletters

Inspiring Youth & Future Generations: Urdd Neges Heddwch / Peace & Goodwill Messages, Responses from Youth of the World

Building Solidarity: League of Nations, Town Twinning, Freedom from Hunger Campaign, Anti Apartheid, Dolen Cymru Lesotho Link, Wales Africa Links,

Championing Equality: 1923-4 Womens Peace Petition to America, 1926 N Wales Womens Peace Pilgrimage, Women's Activism in WalesGreenham Common Anti-Nuclear Protests, BAME Rights, Windrush, LGBT Rights

Offering Sanctuary to Refugees: Belgian Refugees (WW1), Basque Refugees / Spanish Civil War (1930s), WW2 Evacuees, Jewish Refugees (Holocaust), Refugees in Wales.

Opposing Conflict: Conscientious Objectors; Harry Riding Collection (Newport), CND (Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament), Anti War Movements

Remembering War: WW1 Book of Remembrance (regimental pages), WW1 Soldiers StoriesWar Memorials, WW2 soldiers, Remembrance

Out of the loss of a generation, how did our great-grandparents seek to build a better world? When after 11.11 the world said ‘never again’ to war, how did they take action from local to global? Can their stories inspire a ‘new generation of internationalists’ to shape Wales' role in the world into the future?

A Heritage Lottery Funded project marking the WW100 Centenary as part of the Cymru’n Cofio / Wales Remembers programme, Wales for Peace is a grassroots communities and volunteering initiative led from 2014-19 by the Welsh Centre for International Affairs (at Wales' Temple of Peace), in partnership with: 

  • National Library of Wales
  • National Museum of Wales 
  • People’s Collection Wales 
  • Urdd Gobaith Cymru 
  • UNA Exchange 
  • Aberystwyth University 
  • David Davies Memorial Institute
  • Cardiff University
  • Wales Peace Institute Initiative
  • Cymdeithas y Cymod / Fellowship of Reconciliation

Over 100 community organisations, partners and 750 volunteers have worked with WCIA, to explore Wales' Peace Heritage and its relevance to the world today - these collections on PCW give an insight into some of the material they have unearthed. WCIA will be continue to manage and support additions to this account under WCIA's new 'Global Action Programme' for 2019-24. 

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Wales' WW2 Book of Remembrance

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Temple of Peace 50th Anniversary

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Temple of Peace Opening Ceremony

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Wales Africa

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Garden of Peace

Collection: 14 items

League of Nations Union (LNU)

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Temple of Peace

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United Nations Association (Wales)

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Front matter

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Royal Navy

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Royal Flying Corps

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Royal Air Force

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Royal Regiment of Artillery

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Corps of Royal Engineers

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Grenadier Guards