Arnold (standing) and Gabriel (sitting) Krotosky in their butcher’s shop in City Road. The photograph's owner advised it was taken in 1984.

A Krotosky moved from Bridge Street as part of the Central Area Development scheme, when the Ice Rink and ‘Toys r Us’ were first built. The Krotoskys thought that they weren’t affected by the project as the development was only going as far as Glicker’s Toy Warehouse. With one week to go before building work began, they realised that the Compulsory Purchase Order had been sent to their solicitor and filed when he had been on holiday. They were offered premises in Clifton Street which were totally unsuitable, but found premises in City Road, which they converted over a weekend.

Arnold and his wife Freda bought the business from Gabe and stayed in City Road until 1992 when Arnold was 70 and he retired to Bournemouth.

The kosher butcher M Krotosky in Caroline Street was run by a separate branch of the family. This later moved to Frederick Street.

(Source: Information given to JHASW by the Krotosky/Kaye family.)

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