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This is an audio clip from an interview with S. F. and R. F. in which changes in the Swansea Jewish community are discussed.

In their interview, both R. F. and S. F. touch upon the causes of Jewish emigration to Britain - for example, pogroms in Russia. S. F. interestingly details the amalgamation of the "foreigner" shul and the "Englisher" shul which contrasts to today, where the synagogue building has been sold to LifePoint church and a room is rented for services. The aforementioned is one of the examples that best illustrates the diminished presence of the Swansea Jewish community, a theme which is constantly explored throughout. In relation to this, the image of the synagogue as the centre of Jewish social life is detailed, with organisations such as WIZO (Women's International Zionist Organisation) being fundamental in maintaining a community spirit. Details of growing up in Jewish households are noted - for example, R. F. notes she was raised in a kosher household and S. F. discusses concessions made to Jewish children in the education system. Significantly, both cannot recall any serious incidents of antisemitism. Both mention anecdotal stories regarding the Second World War. Importantly, both R. F. and S. F. are active in the burial proceedings of Jewish individuals and discuss the issues facing the upkeep of Jewish cemeteries in the future. In addition, the importance of Jewish and Welsh identity is noted throughout the interview.

Depository: The National Screen and Sound Archive of Wales.

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