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This cursing pot was found in 1871 by a labourer who was removing an old bank or fence on Penrhos Bardwyn farm, Holyhead, Anglesey. A piece of slate had been placed over the mouth of the black pot or pipkin, on which was scratched the letters 'NANNY ROBERTS' on both sides. In the pipkin the remains of a frog were found and it appeared that several large pins had been stuck into its body. The evidence suggests that the pot was used as part of a cursing ritual. It was customary for people who wished misfortune against another person to stick pins into a live frog then place it in a pot, along with the name of the person to be witched or cursed. The curse would remain in place, until the named person was able to find the pipkin. Sometimes the frog was burnt in a fire to denote a curse that could not be taken away.

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