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Date: 05 April 1918.


Two Steamers Sunk.

The loss is announced in the Irish Sea of the Australian steamer Conargo (4,312 tons) and the Anglo-lonian Company’s Salanina (3,112 tons). The Conargo was torpedoed early on Sunday morning. The crew of 50 got away in three lifeboats. Two of these were blown up in the water, either by gunfire or further torpedoes. The crew of the third-boat, with 21 men, were picked up by a collier and brought to port. Four of these, including the captain, were taken to hospital. The other officers went to a city hotel. In all, 44 of the crew were rescued, and 10 are missing.

The Salanina, of Androa, Greece, was sunk by gunfire in the same region. She is a vessel of 3,112 gross tonnage, and was proceeding, light, from port to port. Seven members of her crew were brought into port by a mine sweeper. Nine shells, it is stated, were fired at the vessel. Fifteen of the crew are missing.

Source: "SUBMARINES IN IRISH SEA, Two Steamers Sunk." Belfast News-Letter. 05 April. 1918. 5.

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