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Lucy’s fiancé, James Jenkins (Jim, or J in the entries), became the Senior Curate in the parish of Llanwnda with Manorowen, near Goodwick in Pembrokeshire in 1906. Lucy and her sister, Lillie, visited there for three weeks in July and August 1910. The entries mention visits to Fishguard and Strumble Head, an eisteddfod, bathes in the sea , visits to local people for tea, watching the then largest ship in the world, Cunard’s RMS Mauretania dock, and playing cards in the evenings. The churches attended on Sundays are given with the minister taking the service indicated in parentheses.

Friday, July 29th
Busy in the morning packing. Started for Goodwick at 1.30 arriving there 5. Went for a short walk after tea.

Saturday, July 30th
Went for a walk in the morning. Went to the Vicarage to tea. Went for a short walk afterwards.

Sunday, July 31st
Went to church at 8.30 At 11 went to Goodwick Church (Jim). Stayed in in afternoon. Went to Llanwnda at 6 (J).

Monday, August 1st
Very wet – did not go out all day. Eisteddfod on here.

Tuesday, August 2nd
Goodwick Bazaar. Went over to Fishguard at 12. Stayed there until 7.30. We then walked home. Very wet day.

Wednesday, August 3rd
Goodwick Bazaar. J, L and I went over to Fishguard at 12. We walked home about 9. Very tired. J won two paintings.

Thursday, August 4th
Stayed in in the morning and in afternoon (very wet). Went for a walk after tea up Llanwnda way.

Friday, August 5th
Went over to Fishguard in the morning. Charlie Daniel came over from Aber. Went up to the Top in the afternoon.

Saturday, August 6th
Went down to the beach in the morning. Stayed in in the afternoon. Played cards after tea.

Sunday, August 7th
Went at 11 to Goodwick (Miss Nesbitt’s brother) , Llanwnda (J), Goodwick (J) 6.30.

Monday, August 8th
Went up Llanwnda way in the morning. In the afternoon Mrs Lewis drove us all over to Strumble Head. Stayed in after tea.

Tuesday, August 9th
Had a bathe in the morning. Went for a walk afterwards – in afternoon stayed in – went out in a boat.

Wednesday, August 10th
Went for a bathe in the morning For a walk afterwards. Went to Mrs McQuitty for tea . Went for a long walk in the evening.

Thursday, August 11th
Went out for a walk in the morning. Went to Mrs D. Thomas at 3. Afterwards went to the Greys to tea. Very wet all day.

Friday, August 12th
Very dull day. Cleared up in afternoon. Gwen, L, J and I had tea out up Pencio (?) way. Came home about 7.

Saturday, August 13th
Very wet morning. Went for a short walk in afternoon. Stayed in after. Played cards.

Sunday, August 14th
Went to church at 8.30 (J). Went to Goodwick at 11 (J). Went up to Llanwnda in afternoon. Stayed in in the evening.

Monday, August 15th
Went out with L in the morning. In afternoon went down to the Harbour Station to sea. The Mauretania .. saw the passengers landing. Went to the vicarage on the way home.

Tuesday, August 16th
Went to church at 8 Did not go out after – a very rough windy day – played cards.

Wednesday, August 17th
Stayed in in the morning. In afternoon went to Mrs Lewis to tea. Went to service 7.30 (Jim). Came home – played cards.

Thursday, August 18th
Went for a walk in the morning – did not go out afterwards – very wet – played cards afternoon and evening.

Friday, August 19th
Went in the morning to the Greys and to the Vicarage. Had a game of Nap after dinner. Left Goodwick by the mail.

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