• Newport Chartists Vol.24, p.33

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Page 1:
Merrion Square [Dublin]

30th December


Your letter of the 28th reached
me this morning- It could
not arrive sooner- I answer
it without any delay-

You have not stated to
me any fact within my Know
-ledge which it could be impor
-tant to prove in the defence
of Mr Frost - and I can not con
-jecture that any such fact
exists. If it was otherwise
- had you suggested any

Page 2:
such fact - or could I properly
suppose its existence I would
not hesitate one hour to
set out for Monmouth
though of course I could
not possibly reach that
town the day you mention
the 3rd Inst. - tomorrow.

I believe Mr OConnor is
mistaken and that compul
=sory process may be had
to procure the attendance
of Witnesses resident in Ire
=land at Criminal Trials
in England. I Know that

Page 3:
such process can be had
to bring Witnesses in
such cases from England
to Ireland under what is
commonly called JudgeJohnsons Act - But be that
as it may I perceive
that Mr Frost has for his
Counsel two of the ablest
advocates and most learned
Lawyers in the British do
-minions - And if you send
me the opinion of either of
these gentlemen Sir Frederick

Page 4:
Pollock or Mr Kelly that
he deems my evidence ma
=terial and useful to the de
=fence I will readily attend
at Monmouth on any pos
=sible day after I receive
such opinion - I have no
notion of withholding from
any man in peril of his
life any fact of which I am
cognizant useful to his defence
But I really do most potently
believe no such fact exists
I have the honour to be


Your obedt Servt
Daniel O'Connell [*]

[in left corner] Messrs Yates & Turner

Page 5:
[at top right -on backing sheet] (B)
[letter annotated ]Sent J.oDwyer 4 Copies W...

Dear Sir -

I wd.feel obliged

if you wd. send
me p[er] bearer
4 Copies of the
Charge for which
you shall have

I am

Yours try

John O Dwyer
Feby 1/40

[bottom right of page is annotated 688(...) with line through part of it]

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