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Page 1:
Sir ,

Thomas Gunter &
Walter Williams are
here together with
myself for the purpose
of Knowing to whom
we are to apply for
a Conveyance to Monmouth
and our expences. if you
if you would favor me with your
opinion you would confer
an obligation on


Yr Obdt Servt
Chas Rogers

[numbered to left of signature]
681. (1)

[The page is overwritten with the following note]

Send Conveyance
7 Oclock Tuesday
Morning 10th Decr

Page 2:
[top right] Waterloo Wharf Jany 6 1840

W T H Phelps Esqr


On Tuesday Dec 31 - I proceeded
on my Journey to Waterloo ,Mamhole, & Coronation
Collieries in search of Trams according to the
orders given me by Mr Honey from you.
In my way I carefully examined the Trams
I saw particularly those lying in ditches and Dingles
^ and at the Tips of the different collieries
but could find none of yours (except three that
had been very recently broken 2 of which has been
since brought down the other having its axle
broken is still lying there (at Aberbege Coron road)
waiting the Smiths repairing it previous to its
being brought down and which are not missing
numbers ________
Some time previous to my journey
I had written to your Agents Jno Richards , - Tar Works,
Samuel Jones , Waterloo - and Thos Price , Coronation,
requesting them to look around at their Works and
see if there where any broken or other Trams lying
about and to let me know as I was about to
take Stock. but I received an answer from

Page 3:
J Richard only, who informed me that there where
two old MamholeTrams lying there very much out
of Repair I wished to see what they whe [...] and I
gave him orders to send them down which he did
on [...] evening previous to my setting out. I have
since examined them and find one of them to
to be a Missing tram No 14 - I have not seen it since
last April it had all four of its wheels but wants
2 side planks - The other I never saw before it
has no other Mark than M H - and the white
Balls - all four of its wheels are gone - it is not
worth adding to the number of those lately bought
of Mr Jones and Mr Honey is opinion that when
you see it you will claim it. There has been
no entire new Trams made in the time I
have been with you, several old Trams has
been taken to pieces and every part made of new
material except Binders still being numbered
as before the a/c of which I have in my Tram
Book - There where four small Trams I find
upon inquiry made a short time previous to
my coming here for Hauling Ballast and

Page 4:
those I have included in the a/c - There is
also but one entire new Coke Tram the rest
are made from the old Stock their Binders
being lengthened to admit of extra dash boards
and having the same old numbers given to them
I have also the a/c of those in my Tram Book
I forgot to mention that I saw at Coke works
a large Tram that I had omitted in my a/c of
Dec 26 - which will add three to the 210 proved..
You claim the before mentioned Tram
sent down by John Richard

Your Hallier Wm Morgan has been late every
journey ^ up since your last orders respecting
him on Saturday last his Trams
was ready at 11 OClock and he did not
Start until 2 his reason was that
his Horses were not ready and he
gave his Trams to a Waterloo Halliers
I have complained to Mr Honey about
him but he still keeps him on.

I am Sir Your Obt Servt

Wm Rogers

Page 5:
W T H Phelps Esqr
Red Seal at centre bottom

Page 6:
Vol 24 [diagonally in top left corner] [top right]791 [and] 60 [?crossed through]


I am sorry that
I should be obliged to
trouble you at the present
moment, but Walter
Williams staying at the
Bull . & Thomas Gunther
together with myself
staying at the Angel.
are desirous of placing
an order (in the hands
of each Landlord respec
tively) from you by way
of satisfying each

Page 7:
[Top right] 161

regards the payment
of our expences should
you deem it necessary
to place the restriction
on the amount per day
you would much oblige
me by stating ^ such in your
answer. Trusting I am
not intruding

I have the Honour

To remain Sir

Yr very Obedt Servt

Chas Rogers

P.S. Please to favour me
with an order to [?]enter
the court to morrow

Page 8:
27 [?] ...

Mr Chas. Rogers

As to pay-ts to Innkeepers on

account of expences

Page 9:
Red seal in top left corner

_ Phelps Esqr

Beaufort Arms [Monmouth]

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