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The fifth of five lottery funded heritage project themed videos, entitled ‘A Deaf perspective of heritage starts at home’. All five videos consist of edited one-to-one interviews with several Welsh Deaf people, recorded in 2021, at Deaf Hub Wales, Cardiff Deaf Centre, 163 Newport Road, Cardiff. Some interviews were held via Zoom due to the lockdown brought on through Covid-19. The names of all interviewees appear on screen as each one is interviewed. All use British Sign Language (BSL) in the interviews, and shortly will have English closed captions added.


In the fifth and final video interviewees reflect on technological changes and the impact this has had on their lives and what it might mean for the future of the Deaf community in Wales. Those interviewed lived in a time before the internet and social media providing invaluable insights in the life of Deaf people before these developments. There is a short clip from an interview on the impact of oralism (the teaching of deaf children through speaking and listening) on the mental health of Deaf people.

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