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The brochure for the construction of Uskmouth Power Station in 1953 provides a comprehensive overview of the key details and components of the power station project. It includes detailed information on the civil works, main building, chimneys, 132kV switchgear house, river pump house, railway sidings, circulating water culvert, turbo-alternators, steam-raising plant, boilers, I.D. fans, centicell collectors, electrostatic precipitators, electrically driven boiler feed pumps, circulating water plant, ash and dust handling, feed heating and condensing plant, coal handling plant, and switchgear.

The document lists major contractors involved in different aspects of the construction, such as foundations, superstructure, windows, ornamental stone work, painting, plumbing, heating services, structural steelwork, and more. Additionally, it provides technical specifications for various equipment, including turbines, boilers, fans, pumps, and transformers. The brochure also highlights important statistics, such as dimensions, capacities, and quantities related to the construction.

The organizational structure of the South Wales Division of the British Electricity Authority, along with key personnel involved in the project, is outlined in the brochure. This includes the Divisional Controller, Chief Generation Engineers for Operation and Construction, Station Superintendent, Transmission Engineer, Technical Engineer, and others.

The document concludes with details about the printing and publishing of the brochure by the British Electricity Authority. This historical artifact serves as a valuable record of the planning and execution of the Uskmouth Power Station construction in the mid-20th century, offering insights into the technological and engineering advancements of that era.

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