The first image is of an ink, watercolour and crayon piece on paper, created by John Piper circa 1950. The second image is a photograph of the landscape depicted in the painting. This was taken by Amgueddfa Cymru / National Museum Wales in 2014.

Nant Ffrancon Farm is a depiction of a cottage called Pentre, which Piper and his family rented from 1945-6. This work was therefore produced retrospectively in 1950 when he was renting another cottage in the Ogwen Valley named Bodesi. Pentre had proved difficult in the weather conditions. It was situated at the foot of a steep hill, so that when it rained water flooded the house. Rather than contend with the elements, the Pipers moved to Bodesi in 1949. This was the landlord’s summer house, so the Piper’s had use of it the rest of the year. The predominant palette in this painting is grey, indicative of a cold winter’s day. Reference number: DA006770_02


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You may want to reconsider the caption on this picture. I think you mean to say it was created "retrospectively" rather than "posthumously". It would have been difficult to create it after death. Hope this helps.

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