Letter written to Randal Callander Esquire, H B M Consul Rio Grande do Sul by Thomas Benbow Phillips at Rio Grande do Sul, dated 28 November, 1874

Thomas Benbow Phillips expressed surprise he had read in the “Diain de Riogrando” on 26 November that the criminal Wenceslaw Marnins da Silva had been absolved by the jury or judge who presided in court at Pelotas on that occasion. Thomas Benbow Phillips himself had apparently been attacked by this ruffian who had attempted to murder him in front of seven or eight witnesses, and who was only put in prison for a few days. The criminal had tried to wound him a second time, and even though the authorities had taken steps to arrange a Consular investigation, they took no further steps to punish him. Thomas Benbow Phillips had written to Randal Callander when he heard that the criminal had been captured three months previously for attacking a man in Pelotas, to ask that he be brought to justice for also attacking him. Thomas Benbow Phillips asked Randal Callander to ensure that his case was brought before the Imperial Government because he wished to receive compensation for the injuries he had received.

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