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Letter written to her son, Thomas Benbow Phillips, by Mrs Susannah Phillips from Pelotas, dated 30 July 1874

Mrs Susannah Phillips told her son that she felt she must write to him after her long illness to tell him that she was better, and that God had spared her for a little longer. She reasured him that she would tell him if she wanted anything, but that she had received every attendance possible. Dr Casela sent his love, and she thought she would visit Thomas Benbow Phillips at the end of the following month for a few days in order to make plans for dear Tommy's birthday. She had expected a letter from him, but had not received one. If Mrs Phillips was not able to make the journey, she wondered if Tommy would pay her a visit. She would like to see all the family one last time. Mr and Mrs Krafts had been very good to her during her illness as had some other friends. She thanked Thomas Benbow Phillips for sending her the biscuits, because she could not eat bread.

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