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What objects did the people of Swansea have in their houses in the mid-19th century? When you visit a museum you will see displays of household objects and everyday items that have survived from the 19th century. Some have been handed down through families, some have been found by archaeologists, some have been bought or borrowed, some have been donated to the museum. Some relate to people's work, some to running the household, some to leisure and pastimes.

Objects can tell us a lot about how people lived, how well-off or poor they were and what sorts of materials and manufacturing were available. We can also see what sorts of things were bought and sold, used and treasured, thrown away or lost by people in the past.

This Learning Activity has everything you need to run a session yourself in the classroom, and can also link with school workshops at the National Waterfront Museum and Swansea Museum.


Curriculum for Wales

Humanities, Languages, Literacy and Communication, Digital Competence Framework


Age: 8-11 / Progression Step: 3


Learning Activity Pack

This resource provides learning activities for your students using our content. It is one of a series of 3 relating to 'Victorian Swansea' for Progression Step 3. See the Quick Links below for content to accompany this Teaching Resource.

Curriculum for Wales

Age: 8-11 / Progression Step 3
Age: 8-11 / Progression Step 3
Age: 8-11 / Progression Step 3

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