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The 1926-1927 annual report of the Executive Committee to the Welsh National Council of the League of Nations Union.

Appendices included information on:

A) 'The World Wireless Message of the Children of Wales'.

B) Branch activity in Wales. Two reports outlined the work of two junior branches in Anglesey. A further report explained the work of an adult branch in Monmouth.

C) The combined conference programme of the ‘Tenth Plenary Congress of the International Federation of the League of Nations Societies’ (29 June – 3 July 1926) and the 'Welsh National Council of the League of Nations Union’ (1 July – 3 July 1926). These meetings were held in Aberystwyth.

D) Income and expenditure of the Welsh LNU for the year ending 31 December 1926.

E) A summary of where ‘Daffodil days’ were held in Wales during 1926.

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