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Date: 16 June 1915


Remarkable Affair at Milford Haven.

A sensation was caused in Milford Haven on Tuesday evening when no less than 16 men out of a crew of 39 from the steamship Teakwood then lying in the Haven were escorted to the police station. The Teakwood is owned by J. Jacobs & Sons, London, and is engaged as a Government Storeship. She has been in and out of the Haven for some weeks and has been anchored off the town for a few days. Trouble seems to have arisen through three coloured men being taken on to complete the crew, whereupon sixteen men refused duty. The men were chiefly firemen with a few A.B's, and hailed from various towns in the kingdom and one from Canada. Their names were James Marshall, Ernest Jones, Victor Marshall, John Hurley, William Stone, Arthur Horne, Arthur Wright, Joseph Partrement, Arthur Shotter, Thomas Fletcher, Patrick Kelly, John Godfrey, Henry Sullivan, Henry Fisher, John Gale, Patrick Hunt. They were charged before Mr D. G. Jones and Mr L. J. Meyler with that they did disobey lawful commands whilst engaged on the British ship Teakwood.

Inspector Deacon, of the Metropolitan Police, Pembroke Dockyard, gave evidence, and Mr G. S. Kelway, shipping agent represented the owners. The bench taking a serious view of the case under such circumstances as exist at the present time had no alternative but to send all the men to prison for six weeks' hard labour. It was then too late to send them to Carmarthen, and as there was insufficient accommodation at the local police station four motor cars bad to be requisitioned to convey the men to Haverfordwest Castle over-night. The defendants carried, their kit bags and the unusual spectacle of the cars departure was witnessed by a large crowd of people.

'Remarkable Affair at Milford Haven.' Haverfordwest and Milford Haven Telegraph. 16 June 1915. 3.

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