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'Heddwch' is the supporter magazine for CND Cymru, the Welsh Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, published roughly quarterly from 1991 to the present day.
Page 1:
• Irresponsible!- Cartoon
Page 2:
• India & Pakistan join the nuclear club- India and Pakistan explode nuclear devices and announce intention to ‘weaponise’.
Page 3:
• Sanctions against Iraq - light at the end of the tunnel?- Embargo of Iraq should end once disarmament process is complete.
• Voices in the Wilderness- A new group breaking UN sanction of against Iraq to deliver medicine to children needs our support.
• Carpe Diem! Ireland seizes the day for nuclear disarmament- Irish Foreign Affairs Minister David Andrews launched the New Agenda Coalition to pursue nuclear disarmament.
Page 4:
• A Week of finding Common Ground for Peace, Justice & the Environment- A week long programme of events in Cardiff featuring CND Cymru.
• Trawsfynydd - a health hazard- Anti-nuclear campaigners are concerned about plans to develop the decommissioning nuclear power station.
Page 5:
• The joy of Helen- Friends and family paid tribute to Helen Thomas at a memorial celebration on the 16th May 1998 in Cardiff.
• Taking a message from India to Wales- Cardiff activists collected 1500 signatures on a letter of protest against the nuclear bomb tests in India.
Page 6:
• Dounreay- After years of campaigning, it is finally announced Dounreay nuclear plant is to close.
• and that Georgian uranium…-CND suggests steps for reducing risks caused by nuclear materials.
• Sellafield in trouble again- Renewed calls for the permanent shut down of the Sellafield plant.
• Nuclear Safety: Jottings from the Nuclear Installations Inspectorate (NII) Newsletter
• Russia sells nuclear plant to India …and nuclear weapons to Iran?- An Israeli newspaper claims Iran acquired weapons from a former Soviet republic in early 1990s.
• Abolition 2000- Over 1000 international organisations support the aims of the anti nuclear network Abolition 2000.
Page 7:
• Faslane Peace Camp facing eviction- Peace campers have prepared defences but now face forcible eviction by Argyll and Bute Council.
• The stigma of Aldermaston AWE- Judges rule that radioactive contamination by the MoD has ‘stigmatised’ the land around the AWE in Berkshire.
• The Doomsday Clock - closer to midnight- Nuclear tests in India and Pakistan moves the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists’ Doomsday clock to nine minutes to midnight.
• Chernobyl- The Ukrainian Government has restarted reactor 3 at the Chernobyl plant.
• Vanunu- Mordechai Vanunu is no longer in solitary confinement.
• Dimona nuclear power plant- $985,000 compensation has been paid to the family of a worker at Dimona who died of cancer.
Page 8:
• The US in Britain- US military presence in Britain is increasing.
• Hanford, Washington USA - the price of nuclear security- The US Department of Energy has failed to clean up the Hanford nuclear weapons plant.
• Fallout from India’s nuclear tests- Health problems reported by people living close to India’s nuclear test range.
• Britain provides a service to the Indonesian Government - The RAF is teaching Indonesian pilots to fly BAe Haw fighters.
• NPT Prep Comm- Disagreement in the Preparatory Committee on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons.
• Germans are against nukes!- 87% of polled Germans agree nuclear weapons arsenals should be eliminated.
• Depleted Uranium in Scotland, Iraq and Cardiff
Page 9:
• Trident - the ‘boys-only’ toy- Women are to be banned from working on nuclear submarines.
• Higher Doses of Radioactivity? It’s a Stitch up!- The nuclear industry lowers standards by which radioactive material is defined as exempt from treatment as radioactive waste.
• Abolition Days 98- Recent and upcoming Abolition events.
Page 10:
• Free Leonard Peltier- Convicted Native American activist Leonard Peltier is seeking clemency from President Clinton.
• Denis Martin- Obituary of Denis Martin.
• Les Powell - Obituary of Les Powell.
Page 11:
• Former Lord Advocate in Scotland- Lord Murray supports international court decision that use of Trident would be illegal.
• CND Cymru AGM- Annual General Meeting will be held on September 5th 11am-4pm.
• British CND Conference Manchester Town Hall 18-20th September 1998
• Anti-nuclear campaigners at the Euro Summit- 15,000 signature petition is presented at the Cardiff Euro Summit.
Page 12:
• Postal Slip to join the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament.
• Contacts for CND Cymru.
• Heddwch contributions.
• Repeating mistake after mistake- Tony Blair fails to stop the forthcoming commissioning of the fourth British Trident submarine.
• Sakue Shimohira at Faslane- Survivor of the Nagasaki bombing visits Faslane Trident nuclear base.

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