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Steve Hartley is the founder of Cardigan Bay Marine Wildlife Centre, New Quay. He now runs Dolphin Survey Boat Trips, however previously fished the waters of Cardigan Bay.

A member of our Living Seas Team sat down with Steve, to discuss his memories of life in the Bay. Here, he discusses the potential sighting of a Humpback whale whilst surveying in the Celtic Deep.

Recollection as follows:

"We used to go down to the Celtic Deep in the late 80’s and early 90’s, when there were just a few fishing boats out there. And we saw a lot of sharks, a lot of common dolphins…I remember one day, seeing a massive breach of some animal, that we never actually got to…something possibly like a humpback breaching.

It was big animal breaching, it was a long way away in the far distance, and…ah, I almost had his name then – he used to come regularly with us, he used to bring groups…We were all sitting all over the Sulaire, we’d stopped for lunch, it was a flat calm day so we were all sitting all over the wheelhouse of the Sulaire and lounging round at the front of the boat. Just me and this guy saw it. We were all chatting, and then suddenly: 'Did you see that?!'. He did, but nobody else on the boat did, he said: 'ah, I did, I did!'.

So, we jumped about, fired up and headed over. But before we really got to that area we bumped into some common dolphins, so everyone was distracted!"

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