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Living Seas Wales

Date joined: 18/07/18


Living Seas Wales is brought to you by North Wales Wildlife Trust and the Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales. This exciting project will bring you awe-inspiring experiences and the opportunity to join us as we protect Wales’ wonderful marine wildlife.

What are we doing?

Launched during Wales’ Year of the Sea we’ll be offering the opportunity for all to get involved in our project by joining in with our roadshow events, telling us your sea stories or get stuck in by becoming a Living Seas Champion.

Sea Stories

Do you have a good story to tell about wildlife around the coast of Wales? We’ll be exploring, documenting and disseminating historical records and capturing stories about marine wildlife from the people we meet.


We would love to hear from you and are especially interested and excited to hear stories relating to the following:

 Memories/pictures of the coast around orth, West and South West Wales before development

 Memories/pictures of what you use to find washed up on the shore or living in rock pools

 Memories of the numbers and types of breeding/roosting birds in an area

Memories of incidents relating to the sea (pollution/storms/spillages etc) and its effects.

Stories relating to marine/coastal wildlife

 Photos of marine/coastal wildlife

Fish catch records

 Records of wildlife sightings

Postcards with stories about marine/coastal wildlife

How has fishing changed in the area/have behaviours and/or practices changed?



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