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Translation (p.10a):
Lord send your
voice; Today in its
might and power.
Show that your voice is stronger
than man cannot withstand
anything; Come forward, fire of Heaven
take up this pure possession.

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[new item]
The Lying Hound [=inveterate liar]
E ??this should be a mark/indication /brand to warn us – on the long wrinkled forehead
of the liar
??branded by the blacksmith’s nimble / swift hand
??= So that the mean dog profits less [=by his lies]

Note: in this instance the marginal E probably does denote an Englyn.
Note: according to the GPC the word ‘Celwyddgi’ is predominantly of South Wales oral usage dating from 1824.

Translation (p.10b):
[In pencil]
Free to every mind [=Every thought is free]
free to everyone is their
mind; [=Everyone’s free to think]
Free to every mind is
their opinion; [Every mind is free to have its own opinion]
Free to every opinion is their
Speech. [Every opinion is free to be expressed / = Everyone is entitled to their own opinion]

Notes: The saying “Rhydd i bob meddwl ei farn ac i bob barn ei lafar” is the title of a newspaper column in Y Drych, a North American Welsh Language newspaper established in 1851. See issue 12 September 1918 and others. This newspaper also has a regular poetry column, from which Margaret may have copied or heard some of her texts.

*Rhydd can mean ‘rhoi’ [3rd person singular indicative [mynegol] – to give; = Every thought can give its opinion and every opinion can give its voice [nodyn gan Ioan Guile]

Note: New item in ink – New hand? Capital G is different but the forms of words and spelling are consistent. ?Epitaph. Written on Accounts paper.
Under this stone
she lies;
A wife/woman who loved her bed
If she loves the grave as
she loved the Bed
She will be the last one
to rise. [=on the Day of Resurrection]

[Not found in Guto Rhys’s article: see item 3b]

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