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Andy Wise is a Living Seas Wales Volunteer. Here, he recalls two magical experiences visiting Skomer Island in 2017. Recollection as follows: "So, one really fantastic experience I had was with the Wildlife Trust on Skomer – I’ve had two trips to Skomer. The first trip was an evening boat trip, that went across to Skomer. We saw the puffins talking to one another, and it was just absolutely magical. Everybody on the boat was just spellbound by them. There were literally hundreds of puffins! We went out into the Bay as it started to get a bit dark, and the Manx shearwaters had started coming in. And that was just fantastic, these are truly pelagic creatures, and to see them in their environment, and not just be looking through a telescope in the mist on Strumble Head or somewhere like that, for it to be happening around the boat was just fantastic! Then about a year after that trip I went over to Skomer and landed. I knew I wouldn’t be able to walk very far, but that really didn’t matter. I managed to get up the steps, and I walked in land a little bit and sat down. As I was sitting there a puffin came out of a hole right next to me, wandered off and then flew away. If I hadn’t stopped and sat down there, I wouldn’t have seen that – it just so happened the bird came up whilst I was there! It was absolutely magical. When we got back on the boat, everyone else had had similar experiences – they were really lovely."
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