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[00:00:34] Early Life
Born in 1930. First school was Infants Junior School on Penygelli Road, and at age 7 moved to Penygelli Junior School. Age 11 he moved to Penygelli Road Secondary School, Coedpoeth, then left education aged 14.
[00:02:13] Minera Limeworks
Recalls his first job at the Minera Limeworks. Describes the railway lines, layout of the limeworks, the names of who worked there. DR began work in the clerk’s office, then transferred to fetching water from the nearby spring to the quarry. Gives background about processing lime.
[00:06:20] Minera Quarry
After 18 months, began work in the quarry. Talks about colleagues and his job there.
[00:07:53] National Service
At age 18, DR was called to the National Service and put in the Royal Air Force (RAF).
[00:08:10] Returning to Minera Quarry
Age 20, DR returned to his previous job as a brakesman, and then to the kiln. Describes his colleagues at the quarry, their jobs and conditions at the kiln. More about the quarry layout. Father fought in World War II, then also came back to work at the quarry. DR goes on to take an extra Saturday job.
[00:18:47] Landscape
Remembers the woodland around the limeworks, which is still there today. JJ and DR discuss the wildflower species found there.
[00:20:34] Drawing hobby
Anecdotes about his drawings, submitting to the Wrexham Leader.
[00:25:27] Finishing up
Interview finished, concern and talk about recording device.

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