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Marged Pendrell is a visual artist living and working bilingually in Snowdonia, North Wales. She works primarily in 3D using mixed media.


As a sculptor, I am always interested in exploring a range of materials and challenging new ways of working with them. The initial vessels I made were inspired by the simplicity of Iron Age Broighter boat which I saw in the National Museum of Ireland years ago and had hoped to revisit. It is a gold model of a curragh, the earliest depiction of a sailing ship from Ireland.
Formed in metal and covered with a ‘skin’ of alchemical gold leaf, these fragile vessels aim to depict the transformative and yet vulnerable quality of the lives of the early Saints of Ireland as they reach the shores of Wales. They are a reference to St Cybi in particular, who gave the port of Caergybi its name.
One of the golden curraghs carries his bones, which were reputedly stolen from the monastery at Caer Gybi where he lay. A number of possible culprits are held responsible for this, but one thread of tradition was that they were taken (by Irishmen, or pirates during Owain Glyndŵr’s rebellion) to Dublin.
The other vessel has a cargo of fishbones, referencing the practicality of the sea journeys.
Marged Pendrell

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