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Hornors Description

The rustic building (which i shall call the grotto of Hygrea) appropriated to the spring is agreeably placed in a flower garden, and as it affords the proper conveniences we may take the opportunity of according the medical values of the waters.

Gaseous contents cub ins
carbonic acid gas 16.5
atmospheric air 4.5

Solid contents Grains
carbonate of lime 4.75
carbonate of iron 5.25
muriate of soda 6
muriate of lime 3.25
sulphate of lime 2

The bath which is near the spring as shown in the last view may be used as a tepid bath as it is furnished with complete apparatus for that purpose.

From the spring are laid pipes which conduct the water to the outside of the park wall for the use of the public, and a house for the accommodation of visitors has also been erected.

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