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The Middleton Estate has a long and rich history spanning over 400 years, from its curation in the early 1600s by Christopher Middleton, Vicar of Llanarthne, to its current reincarnation as the National Botanic Garden of Wales.

With roots in the earliest voyages of the East India Company the Middleton Estate proves a deep and important involvement of Welsh families in the birth of the British Empire.


Extracts From Thomas Hornor’s Descriptions Of...

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Station 4 View South across Llyn Mawr

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Station 2 Dinefwr Oak at Middleton Hall

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Station 7 The Chalybeate Spring and Bath

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Station 10 The Waterfall

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Station 13 The Bath House

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Map of the Middleton Estate

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Station 3 The North Steps Panorama

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Station 5 The Secluded Valley

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