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The first WI in the UK was formed at Llanfair PG on 16th September 1915 it's purpose to provide a democratically controlled educational and social organisation for country women giving them the opportunity of working and learning together to improve their quality of life in the community.  Penllwyn was formed in 1919 it's main concern has always been the community.  These ideals still endure with a small Xmas gift given to the elderly with money raised by members.  Now we have amalgamated with Mynach and District we cover a large area once previously served by Ponterwyd founded in 1938 but lapsed and Goginan founded in 1967, lapsed in 1971.  Mynach and District was founded in 1976.

The Federation planned several events and it is hoped that many of you enjoy the celebrations.  We have planned several functions and will communicate the details throughout the year.  Let us celebrate together remembering our past but looking forward to our future.  Anticipating another 100 years of the WI, different but still with the original purpose in place.

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