Windrush Intergenerational Project Collection

This Collection accompanies the Windrush case study teaching resource.

The Windrush Intergenerational Project was developed by the African Community Centre (ACC), working with young people in local schools, to research the lives of the Windrush generation who arrived in Wales from the West Indies between the 1940s and 1970s.

The project sought to bridge the gap between older and younger generations, especially with regards to passing down culture, tradition, journeys, settlement and other experiences. It records and documents the amazing contributions that Black and Ethnic Minority migrants have brought to the UK, and to Swansea/Neath Port Talbot in particular.

In total, the project celebrates the lives of ten elders, a combination of members of the Windrush generation and other persons whose contributions have made South Wales a multicultural society.

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Windrush Portrait

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Launch of Windrush project

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Jackie Jones talking about nursing training at...

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Nena Lawrence, Joyce Hall & Elva Headman

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Tamara Madden's Interview images

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Tour of Tata Steel

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Jackie and Rob Jones interview 1

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Jackie and Rob Jones interview 2

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Leonard Lawrence interview 1

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Leonard Lawrence interview 2 at Margam Park

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Elva Headman, Joyce Hall and Nena Lawrence...

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Rudis Perbenton interview

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Irving and Lil Saunders interview

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Young People's interviews - What did you...

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Tamara Madden Interview

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Windrush Intergenerational Project Booklet

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