The book "Clwb Rygbi Dinbych: 40 Years of Rugby" states,

"In the 1980s, Dinbych was able to turn out three Senior sides in most seasons, whilst the North Wales Hospital could field an occasional second team. Nevertheless, there was a general opinion that Denbigh would benefit in terms of the quality of playing strength in having its playing assets concentrated in one club. Also, there was the knowledge that in the near future the North Wales Hospital, as an institution and the largest employer in Denbigh, was to close. There was an uncertainty regarding its assets including the sports fields and Treferian Social Club, which the rugby club used as its base and for post-match hospitality.
Roger Bruce started the ball rolling when he reported to the General Committee in October 1992 that he had written to the North Wales Hospital Rugby Club asking whether they would agree to improving links and co-operation between the two clubs. In response to this, an informal meeting was held at the Brookhouse Mill attended by committee members of both clubs. At this meeting, many matters were discussed and the general outcome was positive in that the delegates from both clubs agreed to return to their own respective club committees to advocate closer links between the Clubs and to have further consultation regarding the matter. Roger Bruce and Ed Lloyd were then invited to address the committee of the North Wales Hospital Rugby Club. Issues under discussion included the benefits players at the North Wales Hospital would have from closer co-operation, and if a new club were to be formed, whether there would be a new name and logo. Further discussions then took place with the North Wales Hospital Rugby Club. The feeling on both sides was positive towards an amalgamation in 1993. The North Wales Hospital would not object to the new club retaining the name of Clwb Rygbi Dinbych, but would like to have their badge incorporated into the new badge and their colours included in the new club colours on the jerseys. Larraine Bruce was asked to design the new badge, whilst the North Wales Hospital would design the jersey.
Ed Lloyd had also written to the Welsh Rugby Union for guidance with regard to the proposed amalgamation and was given a positive reply. Ed Lloyd prepared a press release on the proposed amalgamation to be distributed to the members of both clubs. A questionnaire was sent out to members of Clwb Rygbi Dinbych regarding the amalgamation and an informal meeting at the end of February 1993 was attended by over 50 members, who expressed their views on the amalgamation. The clear feeling of those attending, and from the returns of the questionnaire, was that the amalgamation would be of great benefit to the Club and rugby in general in Denbigh and that it should proceed.
A meeting of Clwb Rygbi Dinbych’s committee was arranged to discuss the technical aspects of the amalgamation, how it was to be effected and the future of the new club. The committee resolved to arrange a meeting with the North Wales Hospital with their proposals for a new constitution and the following proposals: that the new club would be called ‘Clwb Rygbi Dinbych’, that the Club colours would be black, blue, red and gold, and that during the first two years members of the North Wales Hospital would be ensured representation as officials on the general committee of the new club. After consultation with the North Wales Hospital, the new constitution was adopted.
The amalgamation of the North Wales Hospital and Denbigh Rugby Clubs to form Clwb Rygbi Dinbych was confirmed at a special meeting held on Tuesday 6th July 1993 ... Everyone now looked forward to the first games of the newly formed Club - Clwb Rygbi Dinbych!"

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