CND Cymru Archives

The CND Cymru Archive on People’s Collection Wales, digitised by WCIA’s ‘Wales for Peace’ team, brings together CND Cymru’s supporter publications and records from 1981 to today, including:

• ‘Campaign Wales’ Magazine 1-20 (1985-1991)
• ‘Heddwch’ Magazine 1-74 (1991 to 2020)
• ‘Heddwch Action News’ supplements 1-14 (1992 to 2006) and information sheets
• ‘Bridgend Bunker Campaign’ 1982 Collection incl Newsletters, Press Clippings and Written Account.
• CND Magazine Covers (visual graphics only)
• Other Press Clippings and references to CND Cymru from across the PCW wider collections, as individual items.

CND Cymru’s paper archives are held in the National Library of Wales and can be searched through the NLW Catalogue under 'CND Cymru National Archive'.

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