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Date joined: 14/10/16


Chronicle was a two-year community heritage project, funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund, which finished in 2017. The project was run by volunteers from Cardiff from a variety of backgrounds. Our aim was to collect and gather stories about volunteering and volunteer work in Cardiff from 1914-2014 in a variety of ways in order to make those stories available to the public. Some of our work included digitising historical materials, collecting oral histories and conducting interviews, creating videos, hosting events, putting on history exhibitions, and creating an online exhibition to showcase all of our research.

Most importantly, the Chronicle Project was a project dedicated to preserving the stories from the past and sharing them with the future.

Our collection of walking trails, radio programmes and our exhibition can be viewed at

You can view our collection on this website by clicking on "Live Items" above right.

VCS Cymru is the operating name of Voluntary Community Service (Cymru) Limited – a registered charity, established in 1964.

Our vision and mission includes supporting the people of Cardiff & the Vale of Glamorgan to make a sustained and valued contributions to society through volunteering, including those excluded for lack of support or who experience barriers.


Chronicle has been supported by a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund. Thanks to National Lottery players, Chronicle volunteers are continuing to promote a culture of volunteering by engaging with the past and showcasing the value of community engagement by the actions of the people who helped keep Cardiff moving over the last 100 years.



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