Bill Shephard Royal Corps of Signals ( 1943-1947)

This collection documents the career of William Alexander Shephard "Bill", who moved to Cardigan, Ceredigion some time in the 2010's. Bill was a retired Diplomat and military Veteran and his second wife Elizabeth a retired School Teacher. At the outbreak of the Second world war, Bill was studying at College in London and joined the local Home Guard. As hostilities increased, Bill was called up to join the British Army. His father, a World War one Veteran, had taught Bill Morse Code and this skill, led to Bill eventually joining the Royal Corps of Signals. Bill entered specialist training, when he was posted onto one of the specialist units to support the American First Army in North Africa. He went on to land in Italy and fought alongside the front line combat units, supporting allied efforts to defeat the German Army in Italy. He also saw active service in Greece and ended his war with an extended stay in one of the British controlled zones of post war Austria. This is a small but important collection of material, gathered when Bill was 100 years of age.

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