Ynysmeudwy Pottery

A selection of pottery from Ynysmeudwy Pottery, Pontardawe
'Rio' transfer pattern on a small cream jug. Manufactured 1850 - 1860.
'Harebells' moulded pattern jug with cream glaze over-painted with lustre on the plants. Identified from sherds recovered from the site of the pottery in 1991. This moulded pattern was decorated in a variety of glazes and colours.
'Vase' pattern jug manufactured c. 1860.
Moulded 'Cherub' pattern jug manufactured c. 1870. This pattern was also produced in lustre, cream, blue and white glazes.
'Gem' pattern jug manufactured c. 1849 - 1856.
'Crimea War' commemorative piece. The design is based on the 'Alma' pattern introduced in 1856. This item was manufactured for the State Visit of Napoleon III to Queen Victoria in April 1856.
'Rural' pattern jug of unusual shape manufactured c. 1860 - 1870.
Unique un-named pattern cream jug with rope twist rim, manufactured c. 1860 - 1870.
A 'Floral' moulded jug manufactured c. 1860 - 1870. Decorated in over-glaze enamels. Cream jugs, milk jugs, and sugar bowls were also produced in this pattern.
Pair of lustre jugs manufactured at Ynysmeudwy pottery. 'Harebells' pattern on the left, 'Cherub' pattern on the right. Both were produced c. 1870.
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