Griddle cakes

Making various kinds of griddle cakes: archive material from St Fagans: National History Museum.

Mrs Annie Jones, Blaenau, Llanwrda, Dyfed making Welsh cakes, 1975
Oral history in Welsh: Richard Griffith Thomas of Llangynwyd, Glamorgan describing the bakestone and tripod. Mr Thomas was born in 1894.
Turning a fruit turn-over with a wooden slice. Mrs Violet James, Hebron, Carmarthenshire (originally of Pentyrch, Glamorgan).
Baking round cakes in a Dutch oven. Mrs Margaret Maddocks, North Cornelly, Glamorgan.
Baking lightcakes. Kennixton, St Fagans National History Museum.
Dropping the batter on the bakestone.
Baking cacen gri on the bakestone. Kennixton, St Fagans National History Museum.
A bakestone is a round cast iron plate on which bread and cakes can be baked. There is evidence that the earliest examples were of stone. They would usually have a handle for carrying and would be heated on an open fire, either on a tripod or on a hanging...
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